adjective / 'ʒen.ər.ə.tɪv

able to produce or create something

the generative power of the mind

relating to or capable of production or reproduction

denoting an approach to any field that involves applying a finite set of rules to input in order to produce all and only the well-formed items

adjective / laɪv

being alive; living; alive

characterized by or indicating the presence of living creatures:the live sounds of the forest

full of life, energy or activity: his approach in any business dealing is live and fresh

burning or glowing: live coals in the fireplace

having resilience or bounce: a live tennis ball

loaded or unexploded, as a cartridge or shell: live ammunition

made up of actual persons: to perform before a live audience

(of a radio or television program) broadcast while happening or being performed; not prerecorded or taped: a live telecast

in acoustics: highly resonant or reverberant, as an auditorium or concert hall

as color: vivid or bright, as color

as a question or issue: of current interest or importance, controversial, unsettled

moving or imparting motion; powered

alive, electricity: electrically connected to a source of potential difference, or electrically charged so as to have a potential different from that of earth: a live wire